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66 reviews
  • Karrie Merriweather·

    Elite Pack is exactly what our family needed! Brandon is extremely talented and patient with the dog and the family! I recommend Elite to anyone needing some help with their canine.

  • Lori Weldon Peters·

    First day of training....I couldn't even believe the dog being led on a leash was my dog!

  • Abby Cone·

    Scout is on his 4th week of his puppy class and we notice a huge difference!!!

  • Danny Blair·

    Cy our Schnauzer had great day..only his first day. Think we should be taking training..not him!

  • Trenton·

    Great environment and friendly staff for the pup! The pup is always excited to go back.

  • Abby Cone·

    We had our first day and the staff was so nice and informative. We received a homework assignment and I already notice a difference in our puppy! An added plus, he was exhausted after his first day!!

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